Saturday, 5 December 2015

Terry's Tea Christmas Hampers

We have put together some Christmas Hampers, any four blends to suit, coupled with preserves and biscuits from the Royal Warranted TipTree Jam Factory, mail order and worldwide shipping available.

New Terry's Cafe Menu incorporating Terry's tea

We have introduced bottomless Terry's tea at  Terry's Cafe for £1, drink as much as you can, with food, we think dad would approve, tea up until now has been 20p in the shop, after much deliberation, bottomless tea for a pound we felt was a good modern day alternative.

We have redisgned the menus for both breakfast and lunch and incorporated Terry's tea into the drinks menu.

The front cover has been designed around an old newspaper introducing customers to Terry's Tea and to put our own personal twist on a menu....

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Terry's Tea rooms

We have been to view a premises in one of our coastal towns, A lovely looking shop that suits the brand perfectly, hopefully more info to follow.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Pop up Terry's Tea Rooms

We are currently in talks with a landlord regarding a pop up Tea rooms in the heart of the Borough, Borough Market and another premises in one of our costal towns. If all goes to plan we will be opening our own Terry's Tea Rooms very soon, offering Our five blends of Ceylon Tea accompanied by a selection of toasted sandwiches cakes and patisseries, we recently took a trip to the Tip Tree estate famed since 1865 for their  world renowned jams for which we will be also using, as with our own father's ethos we will be adding our own vintage style and decor.

Our coastal towns have almost been forgotten since the introduction of cheap flights and air travel, however, many of still grew up in a time when our coastal towns were thriving, with that thought in mind and the reopening of an old traditional funfare we have started making enquiries and have found a suitable premises on the sea front.

More info to follow..........

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Bottomless Terry's Tea

Now we have our breakfast blend Morning Pride tested and approved, we are as previously stated shifting Terry's Cafe to Terry's Tea, a cup of tea since 1982 has been 20p, one of the old man's little quirks, to bring the shop up to date, we will now be selling bottomless Terry's Tea for £1.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Morning Pride London's Noted Cup of Breakfast Tea

We have taken delivery of our new samples of Terry's tea, Morning Pride, our new breakfast tea, as previously stated we are developing a new blend more suited to the British palette, string tea bags as opposed to the silk bags.

We are more than happy with the response, we have tested the tea with customer's friends family and now decided to shift Terry's Cafe over to selling purely Terry's Tea in the not so distant future.

We Are also working with the to add a shopping cart to the Terry's Cafe website, Terry's Tea will soon be available to buy online at the Terry's Cafe website. We have also had some interest from a Health food chain in Texas America.